The Idaho Mining Association is the trusted voice of Idaho’s sustainable mining industry, benefitting local communities and safeguarding the natural wonders of Idaho

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Collaboration & Consensus to Preserve an Idaho Treasure

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Hecla Mining contributes to communities & economies

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Our mission is to work with Idahoans to maintain a sustainable mining industry that emphasizes good paying jobs, economic development, and environmental stewardship that comes from mining.

Idaho mining is responsible for high-paying jobs in communities where those jobs are needed most. Our people help provide the raw materials to power, build and feed America. And we do it in a way that is sustainable and responsible for Idaho.

We are fortunate in Idaho to have a diverse mineral base. Our geology is one of this state’s most important assets, and a health mining industry helps utilize that asset over the long term.

Mining is also important for the economic health and vitality of America. Idaho mines produce materials used in a dizzying number of products, things we use every day. A strong industry is critical for keeping those products available and our economy moving.

Economic Impact Report

We are pleased to announce the results of a comprehensive study examining the impact of our industry on Idaho’s economy.